Who We Are

Rebus Research Consultancy is an registered Consultancy firm with an assemblage of experienced Consultants who have diverse specialties ranging from Nutrition, HIV, Malaria, Social Protection, Environment, Agriculture and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). Rebus Research is specialized in Social; Agriculture, Water and Health research works with our scope of efforts narrowed to Capacity building, Data collection, data analysis and report writing for Baseline, Midline and End line surveys. Rebus was founded in 2017 as a business firm before being incorporated as a limited company by shares in 2020.

Our Aim

Rebus aim pursue a research-based business strategy that is driven by innovation and advanced technology while putting our clients at the center of our operations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow our sphere of clientele through creativity, innovation, integrity, respect and faith throughout Southern Africa.

Company Strategy (TEC Strategy)

Our key strategy that we use at Rebus is to represent a client company as an extension of its business, research and development functions. This starts with a clear understanding of the client’s company position, objectives, scope of work and constraints. It’s from here where we mushroom quietly, sifting through the research/survey requirements as is appropriate to the client. We use a TEC strategy:

  • Technology: Rebus is employs data driven robust system in research field by application of online and offline software packages that enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the assignments to be done in the shortest period of time with high quality.
  • Experience: Rebus has drawn a great pool of experienced professional consultants who are highly qualified to handle different types of research as required by the clients.
  • Continuous Improvement and Capacity Building: Continuous improvement of all our systems, tools and resources is a pinnacle to our success.

Our Team

What sets us apart is that, we are an assemblage of our talented researchers and consultants who adapt easily to clients’ changing needs. Our diversity allows us to consider problems from many perspectives, and our teams bring together economists, statisticians, and other social scientists with data experts and programmers experienced in cleaning, organizing, and displaying large, disparate data sets.

Enock MusaanaManaging Partner – Consultant
Misheck BwalyaTechnical Director – Research and Evaluations
Chewe MwangalaTechnical Director – Monitoring and Evaluations

Motivation Note From Our Leaders

In this new edge, it has become increasingly clear that business activity is dangerously disembodied from the social and ecological fabrics on which it depends, and linked causally to a series of problems as diverse as climate change, childhood obesity, and global financial instability.

The challenges of reinventing business as a force that enhances rather than undermines society’s deepest held values are significant – challenges that do not respect disciplinary boundaries and cannot be adequately tackled with knowledge from just one part of the Company. As a result, the need for consultants, managers, and all employees who can articulate and reconcile issues from multiple perspectives continues to grow. In view of this-Rebus employs an approach that breaks down disciplinary barriers, embraces multiple perspectives, and encourages holistic thinking about organizations.