Data Collection Services

Rebus Research Consultancy supplies high-quality data collection and processing services to our clients. We employ a variety of data collection methods at our disposal to ensure that the project is carried out to clients’ specifications, quickly and cost effectively.

Services available include:

  1. Face-to-face consumer interviewing, Telephone interviewing and In-person, in-depth interviewing.
  2. Focus group recruitment and moderation of traditional and online groups.
  3. Online data collection using: Surveybe, Zoho Survey, ODK forms, formhub, kobo toolbox etc.
  4. Field data valuations.
  5. Questionnaire development (both online and Offline).

Comprehensive Research Services

We conduct both desktop research and field based research and surveys in Agriculture, Social, Health, WASH and Human Rights.

  1. Baseline Survey.
  2. Midline Survey.
  3. Endline Survey.

Data Entry Clerks and Data Collectors Hire

You need your research results as fast as possible, you do not have available resources to go out and collect data for you, maybe you have collected you data unfortunately you only have that data in hard copy forms and you are still wondering how you will have it in soft copy in a shortest period.

While at Rebus we have well trained and experienced Enumerators and Data entry clerks on hire.

Our team is quick to adapt to the clients data capture platforms.

Data Analysis, Evaluation and Management

Our Team of Experts do support in the following:

  1. Data Translation.
  2. Data coding and entry.
  3. Data Triangulation and Pivoting.
  4. Qualitative data analsysis.
  5. Quantitative data Analyis using both webbased and installed packages:   SPSS, stata ,Zoho, DHIS, qlik sense, matlab, Analytica etc.
  6. Data management using Zoho CRM